When should I buy a regular license?

A regular license is the standard license provided with our templates; it's what you need if you are working on a project for a client which requires one of our templates. Once you are done with that project, you can't use the template for another client; you'll need to buy another regular license for the next project with a new client. If you have to use the same template for more than 10 clients, you might want to invest in an extended licence since with an extended license you can use the template with an unlimited number of clients.

So When should i buy a regular license?

  • If you are buying a template to create concepts to share on your personal/business social media accounts, a regular licence allows you to create as many concepts as you want as long as these designs aren't sold to others.
  • If you buy the template to create graphics or designs for your business or for only one of your clients.
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